All payments are due as set forth in the contract between our company and the client.

Final payment is due thirty (30) days following the website being delivered to the client for their final review, regardless of whether the client has completed the final review.

Fees will be assessed for past due invoices, and websites will be taken offline for delinquent payments.

Refund Policy - Websites and Digital Media Consulting:

No refunds will be issued for work already completed. If a contract has been completed between the client and LawEnforcement.Social for a set period of time, the client can request LawEnforcement.Social not fulfill any remaining obligations, however, payment terms will stay in effect. We reserve the right to cancel a contract at any time. If we do cancel a contract, remaining payments will not be collected.

Obnoxious Policy

Our company exists to provide a positive experience for both our client and our team. We want everyone to be happy with each other, and we do not want anyone feeling stressed when having to deal with someone.

We have found that people who pay the least amount of money for their product, demand the most features, attention, and time. There are clients who also feel the necessity to be overbearing, rude, discourteous, condescending, or arrogant to our staff. 

Simply put - we won't work with an organization or people who cause us stress or grief. In the event this occurs with a client, we will cancel the contract. 

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